Join the impact for Marriage Equality

The results of November 4th have been a bittersweet celebration. As we watched our country elect its first African-American president, California voted down equal rights for all citizens. I’m sure I am not alone in voicing my disappointment in the results of Proposition 8.

As the sister of a homosexual individual and an avid believer in civil rights I have been looking for a way to get involved in protesting the results of Tuesday’s elections. It was during this search that I came across . The website promoted a national protest of Prop. 8 on Nov. 15th and I felt very strongly that San Luis Obispo should be represented.

On Nov. 15th over 600 individuals came out in support of marriage equality! To keep the energy going, a task force has been mobilized and will are in the process of planning future events. Please check back for future updates.


Margaret Hackney


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